IAB Europe Webinar: The Great Debate: How Can We Advance Sustainability in Digital Advertising?

Did you know that the internet’s overall environmental impact is estimated to be at around 2%-4% of global carbon emissions, with a typical ad campaign emitting around 5.4 tons of Co2? As the industry and wider society become more aware of the impact that the internet and digital ads have on the climate crisis, it is now more important than ever to take action and drive real change to ensure we play our part. .

But as an industry how prepared are we in our fight to make digital advertising sustainable? What have we achieved so far and how much further do we need to go?

In this virtual event, industry experts will come together to discuss the state of readiness of our industry. They will explore what is available today to help drive the reduction of carbon emissions produced by the delivery of digital advertising and will dive into what else needs to be done in order to achieve net zero.



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