Webinar: IAB Europe with PubMatic: The Evolution of Commerce Media in Europe

Commerce media has undoubtedly been one of the most eagerly-discussed emerging sectors in the advertising industry over the last year. Global and local brands are keenly exploring how to advertise through the channel, given that it offers marketers a method of meaningfully demonstrating return on investment (ROI), thus fulfilling the “closing of the loop” between media spend and actual sales data, which has become particularly prevalent against the backdrop of identifier deprecation across display and mobile environments.

While much has been made on these opportunities for marketers in commerce media, there have been fewer investigations examining attitudes to commerce media from the perspective of retailers and commerce media platforms, and how their investment in the sector is set to evolve accordingly.

To that end, ExchangeWire, in association with PubMatic, have produced a new report – ‘The Evolution of Commerce Media in Europe’. In this Industry Insider webinar with IAB Europe, PubMatic will share the insights from this new research and shed some light onto how sellers of goods and services within Europe are interacting with commerce media, the core drivers and barriers to increasing commerce media investment, and how retailers are working with technology partners to capitalise on opportunities within the sector.

You will also hear from a panel of commerce media experts about how they navigate the commerce media ecosystem and share some predictions for the next 12 months.



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