Media, site owners and adtech companies have an obligation to report any deviations from these regulations and other connected occurrences on an ongoing basis to IAB Sweden after the certification has been issued.


  1. The company registers via
  2. The company receives rules, completes a checklist and schedule an audit (visit) with an auditor appointed by IAB Sweden.
  3. The company has six months to complete an approved audit.
  4. After the approved audit, the seal and a certificate are obtained and can be used in all communications as long as there is a valid audit. It will also be published on website.



Media/site owners must verify the following upon registration:

  1. Uses ads.txt.
  2. Establish a ”whitelist” for companies that are authorized to sell the site’s ad inventory.
  3. Use IAB US/ABS UK Spiders & Robots List.
    4. Actors should assign one person who will be specifically responsible for Gold Standard’s questions regarding Gold Standard and brand safety.


§1. Media owners follow IAB Tech Lab´s ads.txt standards by listing which companies are authorized to sell their ad inventory which prevents selling of false inventory.

§2. Media owners use ads.txt on all websites included in the certification. App owners use app-ads.txt. “Developer Website” must be correctly updated in app stores. 

§3. The media uses IAB/ABC UK Spiders & Robot List, either by own application or through an ad tech vendor. 


Media/site owners must verify the following upon registration:

Media owners verifies that they follow IAB Tech Lab LEAN principles (Light, Encrypted, AdChoice, Non-invasive ads):

  1. Light weighted ads according to IAB Sweden Creative Guidelines.
  2. Encryption (HTTPS)
  3. Data collection procedures that gives consumers choices, recommended on application of OBA/adChoices and/or IAB Transparency & Consent Framework
  4. Suitable methods are used for collecting consent where needed, as suggestion IAB Transparency & Consent Framework (TCF) 2.0 unless the “interest based” is the only legal basis used.
  5. Excluding disturbing formats by following “Annonsvänligt Sverige” including Coalition for Better Ads.
  6. Information about “interest based” advertising is understandably explained and complies with GDPR.


§1. Media owners must follow the framework described in “IAB Creative Guidelines” and “IAB Swedish & International Display Standards” and require all of its suppliers to ensure compliance of the framework for ads file weight and number of file calls. Ad formats other than described in Swedish & International Display Standards can be used if they are not of the types included in Coalition for Better Ads.

§2. Clearly defined ad inventory. Content in an ad have to be clearly distinguishable from “normal” content on the website and tagged as an ad correctly.

§3. Sound must be user initiated.

§4. At user interaction, the video must include play, pause, sound off or volume control to zero for videos that are expanded from the initial ad upon interaction.

§5. The media site is encrypted according to HTTPS certificate.

§6. Follow “Annonsvänligt Sverige” (Ad friendly Sweden) and do not use disturbing formats from Coalition for Better Ads.

§7. Display information about “interest based advertising” that is easy explained and complies with GDPR.


Media/site owners must verify following upon registration:

  1. Have a designed Brand Safety plan/strategy which sets out what routines you are working from regarding Brand Safety.
  2. Perform internal training of the affected personnel within Brand Safety.
  3. Appoint a person responsible for the work with Brand Safety. Who?

§1. Regarding Brand Safety, when inquired media owners must assure and be able to follow an inventory purchase by:

  1. a customer agreement
  2. specified terms of agreement or signed contract.

However, it should be noted that publishers follow under their Swedish publicist responsibility.

§2. The above agreement can include where ads should or should not be shown. Media owners shall be able to verify this process through one of the steps below to minimize misplaced ads:

  1. List of appropriate/inappropriate advertising environment based on criteria established in consultation with buyer before delivery. (IO / whitelist / blacklist)
  2. Recommend using an independent certified Content Verification (CV) tool or corresponding for an automated process.

§3. Media owners confirm the specific regulations that are applied to minimize the risk of misplacement ads, regardless of whether the inventory is sold directly or not.

§4. Media owners should be able to explain the process/processes based on specific regulations and/or the reasonable measures required to comply with these rules.

§5. Media owners should be aware of the contractual consequences if they fail to monitor this process and have a routine in place to respond appropriately to misplacement of ads.

§6. The designated person ensures that a publishing policy/routine is in place and is clearly defined and communicated to each customer, including timeframes for removing incorrect ads.

§7. Media owners should maintain a log of events regarding misplaced ads and actions taken.

§8. Media owners who run a platform with user-generated content should ensure that checks are made systematically to monitor and, if necessary, unpublish content. 

Version: IAB Sweden Gold Standard 1.0 November 2019