Technology system owners and publisher have an obligation to report any deviations from these regulations and other connected occurrences on an ongoing basis to IAB Sweden after the certification has been issued


  1. The company registers via
  2. The company receives the rules (below), completes a checklist and
    schedule an audit meeting with an auditor appointed by IAB Sweden.
  3. The company has six months to complete an approved audit from registration.
  4. After the approved audit, the seal and a certificate are obtained and can be used in all communications as long as there is a valid audit.
  5. The Certification will be published on IAB Sweden website



Adtech/martech must certify the following upon registration in a check list:

  1. Allows and enables your platform to use ads.txt (from IAB Tech Lab)
  2. Allows your platform the “whitelist” functionality for companies that are authorized to sell the sites ad inventory.
  3. Do you use the IAB US/ABC UK Spiders & Robots list?
  4. The registered company should appoint a person responsible for Gold Standard, for brand issues/brand safety. Who?


§1. Ad tech or martech suppliers ensures and shall be able to prove that partners can use IAB Tech Labs, ads.txt standards showing who is authorized to sell a publicist/site owners ad inventory to prevents selling false inventory.
§2. The operator offers a technical solution to include one’s brand in ads.txt with partners.
§3. At least 90% of Swedish traffic delivers with ads.txt file.
§4. The proportion of Swedish app traffic is measured by app-ads.txt.

§5. IAB/ABC UK Spiders & Robot List should be enabled in the system. 


Adtech/martech must certify the following upon registration in a check list:

  1. Verify that you comply and have knowledge of IAB Tech Lab LEAN (Light, Encrypted, AdChoice-supported, Non-invasive ads).
  2. Understand and support the IAB Sweden Creative Guidelines. (based on US Creative Guidelines)
  3. Supports encryption (HTTPS)
  4. Data collection procedures with consumer choices (recommendation on the application of OBA/adChoices and/or IAB Transparency Consent & Framework – TFC or corresponding) in accordance with GDPR. 

5. Exclusion of disturbing formats from “Ad Friendly Sweden including” including Coalition for Better Ads.

§1. Adtech/martech so-called technique suppliers verifies compliance with IAB Tech Lab LEAN principles and supports this towards partners and customers.

§2. The company complies with “IAB Sweden Creative Guidelines” and “IAB Swedish & International Display Standard”. Confirms support of correct ad file weight and number of ad files calls and ensures that ads in the system are of the types described in the above standards. Exceptions from the Swedish Display Standards are possible as long as the formats are not of the type included in Coalition for Better Ads. (US version of IAB Creative Guidelines)

§3. The registered company prove that they support the correct data collection procedure according to GDPR and provide consumers options, recommendation on application of OBA/adChoices and/or IAB Transparency & Consent Framework (TCF) or equivalent.


Adtech/martech must verify the following upon registration in check list:
When it’s part of the business process you offer customers.

  1. You have a designed Brand Safety plan/strategy in which it shows which routines you are working on regarding brand safety.
  2. Offer in-house training for involved employees within Brand Safety processes such as salespersons and adops. Appointed responsible person is in charge for maintaining the routine.
  3. Appoint responsible person for the work with Brand Safety.
  4. Do you have a designed Brand Safety plan/strategy which sets out what routines you are working on regarding brand security?


§1. The registered company must ensure that in cooperation with eg media it’s made possible on behalf of brands safety to followed either by:
a) a customer agreement or
b) specified terms of an agreed or signed contract.

§2. The above agreements include the features that can be used to control where advertising should or should not be displayed. Operator has the technical opportunity to have their customers obliged to create a list of suitable/inappropriate advertising environments based on different criteria (whitelist/blacklist).

§3. The registered company shall be able to explain the process/processes that can be applied to customers to minimize the risk of misplacement of ad, regardless of whether the ad space is directly or indirectly retrieved. When it’s relevant as a part of the business processes for the company.

§4. The registered company should be in agreement with contractual consequences if they fail to monitor the process and they should respond appropriately to the technical opportunities offered to customers.

§5. Responsible person at the company ensures that routines are clearly defined and communicated to each customer.

IAB Sweden Gold Standard 1.0 – November 2019