Coalition for Better Ads är en global standard motsvarande vår Annonsvänliga Sverige. IAB US och IAB Europe är delaktiga i arbetet och 2018 integrerades CfBA med Annonsvänligt Sverige.


Internationella artiklar om Coalition for Better Ad, adblockers och reklamtrötthet

Google’s ads boss says trust is the biggest issue facing the webSiliconRepublic, Sep 20 2018

Google Ads SVP Ramaswamy Defends Data Practices At Irish SummitAdExchanger, Sep 19 2018

Ad blockers

Adblock Plus maker has a new taskforce to fight publisher efforts to reinject adsTechCrunch, Sep 19 2018

Ad blocking commentary/solutions

Advertisers Get Annoyed By Ads Too, eMarketer, Sep 14 2018

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Coalition for Better Ads/Better Ads Standards

In Focus, The Dilemma of Digital AdvertisingValor Economico, Sep 12 2018

CBA Roundtable at DMEXCO / CBA presentation at the IAB Europe Board meeting, Sept 11 2018

IAB Austria shields Sitebar, IAB Austria, Sep 10 2018

Digital Trust Initiative: BVDW creates comprehensive certification in digital marketing, BVDW, Sep 6 2018

Ad blockers

AdBlock Plus Parent Eyeo Ventures Into ProgrammaticAdExchanger, Sep 11 2018

Brave browser dumps Google search in France, GermanyCNET, Sep 13 2018

Brave browser to embrace Google Chrome extensionsCNET, Sept 6 2018

Ad Blocking Commentary/Solutions

UK ad blocking boom peters out in latest survey snapshotThe Drum, Sep 7 2018

Most marketers have had negative experiences in their digital marketing, AMAA survey suggestsMumbrella, Sep 14 2018

Ad blocking, card payments, GDPR compliance: 5 killer stats to start your weekMarketing Week, Sep 10 2018

Ad blocking rates on smartphones rise in Germany – eMarketerTelecompaper, Sep 7 2018

UK ad-blocking slows to fall behind France, Germany and USCampaign, Sep 5 2018

Coalition for Better Ads/Better Ads Standards

Coalition for Better Ads publishes decisions of its Interpretation Panel.

TabMo and Playground xyz raise the creativity game in mobile advertisingNet Imperative, Sep 3 2018 

Ad Blocking Commentary/Solutions

In the UK, Publishers and Marketers See Ad Blocking as a ‘New Normal’eMarketer, Sep 5 2018

Ad Blocking in the UK begins to stabilizeNet Imperative, Sep 5 2018

Gen Z And Mobile Are A Developing Ad-Blocking NightmareMediaPost, Sep 6 2018

In France, Digital Ads Are Often Viewed as Intrusive and IrrelevanteMarketer, Sep 6 2018

In Germany, Use of Ad Blockers Driven by Security, Privacy ConcernseMarketer, Sep 7 2018